What To Decide Before Renting A Short-Term Vacation Rental

Renting a short-term vacation unit usually refers to staying at a place for at least a week and possibly up to a few months. Since it's being compared to long-term, six-month-plus rentals, they're referred to as short-term—even though it's pretty long for a vacation. The idea is similar to an extended stay, where you save money and gain some conveniences by renting a place for more than just a few days.

3 Reasons To Choose An All-Inclusive Fly-Fishing Trip In Alaska

Alaska is a huge state with a lot of opportunities to fish. One of the more popular ways to fish in Alaska is fly-fishing. Fly-fishing puts you right in the water and allows you to snag some big fish. When you plan a fly-fishing trip in Alaska, you can book everything on your own, or take care of the whole trip with an all-inclusive option. Check out some of the reasons to choose an all-inclusive package and learn ways you will enjoy a fly-fishing trip in Alaska.

Renting a Cabin and Bringing Your Pet? Here's What You Need to Know

If you're like most people who share your life and home with a canine companion, you prefer to include your dog in as many activities as possible. To that end, you may be considering taking your pet with you on your upcoming vacation — which is a great idea. Dogs love outdoor-based vacations, and some cabins are pet-friendly. To get the most of your vacation with your dog, follow the advice below.

Why Using Monthly Parking Is A Good Idea When Traveling

You may have planned out a trip that will last at least a month or longer and now wonder what you should do about your car. Should you take an Uber or taxi to the airport and leave your car at home? Perhaps you should bring your car and park it in the airport parking or other monthly parking lot? While any of these options have their advantages, it might be worth it to drive your own car and use monthly parking when you travel.