Charter Bus Tours 101: 4 Tips For First-Time Riders

A charter bus tour is the perfect way to travel on a budget—and without driving. While it might seem boring, a bus tour can actually be quite fun. Contrary to popular belief, you don't spend all day sitting on the bus. Throughout the tour, the bus stops, which gives you the time get out and go sightseeing. It's really an economical, fun, and interesting way to travel.  Although traveling by bus is fairly easy, you will still need to prepare—especially if you have never taken a charter bus before.

Insurance And Moorage Services: Why You Should Purchase Both Your Own Boat Insurance and Moorage Insurance

As a boat owner, you already carry a lot of insurance on your boat to protect it against theft, vandalism and acts of God. However, if you use moorage services at home or abroad, you might be wondering why a moorage service would offer you additional coverage while your boat is moored in dry dock or in a marina. There are several reasons for this, and all of them are excellent reasons for you to invest in the additional moorage service's insurance.