Bike Trail Fun For Kids

If you're planning an outdoor vacation for your family this year, trekking down a mountain bike trail can be an exciting experience for the entire family. When it comes to helping children feel safe and confident when riding mountain bike trails, it helps to have the right gear and a basic understanding of trail etiquette.

Here are some of the ways you can prepare your children for a mountain biking trail adventure:

The Right Safety Gear

Mountain bike trails can be tricky for young riders. When choosing safety gear, you need to be sure you get the right sizes and types of safety gear.

  • Safety Gear: To keep your children safe on a mountain biking trip, they need safety gear. For starters, the gear safety gear you choose should fit your children. This often means heading to your local bike shop to give your children the opportunity to try on safety gear.
  • Helmet: Your children should always wear a helmet when riding a mountain bike trail. For gentle trails, a standard bike helmet should suffice. However, if riding a trail with technical challenges like jumps, berms, and moguls, you might want a full helmet. These helmets will protect your child's face in the event of a crash.
  • Goggles: Safety goggles are imperative if riding mountain bike trails with overhangs and branches. This will keep your child's eyes safe in the event they have to navigate a single-track trail with thick vegetation or low-hanging branches.
  • Flak Jacket: A protective flak jacket can also be a good option for gnarly mountain bike trail rides. Flak jackets are a cross between a bullet-proof vest and football pads, providing your child with an additional layer of protection if your child takes a tumble.

The Right Bike

The type of mountain bike you choose for your children can make a big difference in their ride. When looking for a bike for a mountain bike trip, it helps to consider both size and features.

  • Size: Having your child sized for a mountain bike can make a world of difference. This will help ensure that the bike fits your child and is an appropriate weight.
  • Features: You probably don't need the fanciest bike for your mountain bike adventure. For instance, if the trail is smooth, you can probably stick to front shocks. However, if the trail is rough, you might want both front and rear shocks.

The Right Etiquette

Mountain bike trails have basic etiquette rules to help keep riders safe. For instance, you should always stick to the right side of the trail. This will allow riders to pass safely on your left. It's also important to vocalize your presence when encountering other riders on the trail.

For more information about bike trails, like Fox River bike trail, contact a local business.