What To Decide Before Renting A Short-Term Vacation Rental

Renting a short-term vacation unit usually refers to staying at a place for at least a week and possibly up to a few months. Since it's being compared to long-term, six-month-plus rentals, they're referred to as short-term—even though it's pretty long for a vacation. The idea is similar to an extended stay, where you save money and gain some conveniences by renting a place for more than just a few days. 

Before choosing the right short-term vacation rental, you should consider a few things. You have many options, and you can easily make mistakes that cost you money or result in you staying somewhere that doesn't fit your requirements. Here are some things you should decide before renting a short-term vacation rental:  

The Location

What is the destination of your vacation? Are you planning on visiting a particular city, a specific part of the city, etc.? If you're going to a popular tourist area, do you want to be close to a particular attraction?

When searching for a short-term vacation rental, you can narrow your search down to places in the correct location. That way, you can begin choosing other details about your stay, knowing that you'll be in the right area no matter which place you choose. 

The Dates

It's also vital that you figure out the dates for your trip as early as possible. You might only have a set amount of time off from work, or your children might be on a school break, so the timing might be essential to get right. Try to book your dates as far in advance as you can so you don't run into issues with finding available rentals. 

The Type of Rental

What type of place do you want to rent for your vacation? Short-term rentals can be houses, condos, apartments, cabins, cottages, etc. You should figure out the type of place you want to rent so you can use that information during your search—otherwise, you might be unhappy with the kind of place you rent. 

The Amount of Space You Want

One of the most important things to consider when staying at a short-term vacation rental is the amount of space you need. Since you're going to be staying there longer than just a few nights, it's vital that you and your family are comfortable and don't feel cramped. You should also find out about the sleep arrangements, like how many beds and bedrooms there are in the unit.

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