Why Using Monthly Parking Is A Good Idea When Traveling

You may have planned out a trip that will last at least a month or longer and now wonder what you should do about your car. Should you take an Uber or taxi to the airport and leave your car at home? Perhaps you should bring your car and park it in the airport parking or other monthly parking lot?

While any of these options have their advantages, it might be worth it to drive your own car and use monthly parking when you travel. Here are some reasons why using monthly parking when you travel is a good idea.

It Can Cost Less Than Other Options

It might seem that taking your car and using monthly parking would be more expensive than taking a taxi or rideshare, but this isn't always the case. It will depend greatly on how far away you live from the airport and how much traffic there is to go through, which could make your trip even longer, meaning you will pay more. It could potentially end up costing you hundreds of dollars to even start your vacation.

Instead, when you use monthly parking, you can actually save some money. Monthly parking is typically a flat rate at many airport and off-airport lots. This means the price you were quoted for the month is what you will pay when you return. This can be significantly less than paying for a taxi or rideshare.

Some Monthly Parking Lots Offer Perks

Depending on what airport you are flying out of or what lot you decide to use, you could be offered several perks for using monthly parking. For example, some airport parking lots offer car washes to keep your vehicle looking clean and fresh. Some will offer simple tune-ups and oil changes as well as checking your tires.

Other perks can include discounts on future parking needs. Some airport lots and off-airport lots offer membership options that can give you discounts and even free days when you park your car often at that lot. If you are a frequent traveler, this can save you a lot of money over time.

Also, some lots are covered, and this can help protect your car from snowstorms, rain, and sun damage over a long duration of your car sitting there. Monthly parking lots have a security system in place as well, so you don't have to worry about your car being broken into or stolen. This can help provide peace of mind when you travel long or short term.