Bring Back A Taste Of The Tropics With These Souvenir Ideas

Vacations seem to fly by, and before you know it, it is time to go back home. Before leaving your tropical destination, plan on picking up some souvenirs to remind you of your trip later on. Instead of spending your money on typical tee shirts or silly trinkets, buy some items that you will enjoy long after your journey has ended.

Some excellent souvenirs to remind you of your trip are:

Exotic spices. Bring back some culinary reminders of your trip by looking for local spices to replicate your favorite dishes when you are home. For example, if you are in Florida, look for citrus extracts or marinades; when you visit Hawaii, consider bringing back some local peppers or seasoned salt.

Pure extracts. Another thing to keep your eye out for when shopping are the pure extracts used in local sweets or baked goods. If you find yourself in Hawaii, look for true vanilla bean to bring home. If you are in Mexico, shop around for the best cinnamon. Do a little research to discover what the local fare and flavors are before you go!

Sweet treats. Sweets and candy are the perfect souvenir to bring back to friends, neighbors, and coworkers. During your tropical retreat, seek out local favorites such as the tropical coconut candy found in Hawaii or the delicious lime sweets produced in the Virgin Islands.

Jams and preserves. Customs have some very strict laws in place regarding bringing back produce and fresh fruit. If you want to capture the flavors of your vacation, consider picking up preserves and jams that won't be confiscated by customs. Chutneys, relishes, and jellies are all delicious treats to enjoy later on, when remembering and reliving your holiday.

Wines and spirits. If you enjoy imbibing in a drink now and then, consider looking for local wines and spirits to bring home and enjoy after your trip. For example, most regions have a popular or produced spirit that they are known for; some regions might be lauded for their unique wines. Typically, customs allow you to bring back one to two liters per person without paying additional taxes, but check before you attempt to stock-up on the local liquors.

Returning home after an exotic vacation can be disappointing. Keep that vacation flavor long after you walk in your front door with some tasty souvenirs from your travels. Look for these culinary souvenirs the next time you are away from home or enjoying a vacation! For more help planning your vacation, contact a travel agency like Mickey Travels.