What's In Ghana? Take These Tours To Find Out

Ghana is a little country in the Southwest region of Africa. It is consistently hot, very humid (especially during monsoon season). So why would tourists want to visit Ghana? What is there to see and do in this very tropical country? The following tours and sights to see may answer your questions and even encourage you to visit.

Lots of Rivers and River Tours

River tours of Ghana are some of the most popular tours in this country. Ghana has dozens of rivers and tributaries to explore, and the boat tour guides can take you around showing you the sights in the river and on the banks. These tours are often called "water safaris" since you will see all manner of animals, including alligators, crocodiles, water birds, zebras, monkeys and apes, hippos and maybe even a few more exotic creatures. If you also fish for your dinner while on these tours, you may be shocked to pull some of the biggest fish you will ever see from the rivers of Ghana.

Historical Tours

Historical tours are limited to Ghana's capital city, where the seat of Ghana's modern civilization exists. Parliament buildings are very interesting to tour, especially when you see how closely their architecture resembles the plantation houses of the Southern U.S. History museums are present in the capital too, and contain several of the nation's tribal artifacts.

National Holidays and Celebrations

Ghana was originally French, and so it has maintained some of the French holidays over the years. However, the festivities that draw the  biggest crowds are those that the native peoples of Ghana have celebrated for centuries. These are not only national holidays, but cultural celebrations that remind Ghanaians of their tribal heritage. Lots of traditional music, dress, foods and food vendors line the streets of the cities of Ghana, all of which you might want to visit to get the full cultural experience of its peoples.

Ghana Tour Booking

If you decide to visit Ghana, you can book a tour through your travel agent. Given Ghana's history of uprisings and tribal coups, it is strongly recommended that you travel with a travel group and do not attempt to tour Ghana on your own. There are many preparations to make before you go, and many laws you need to be aware of before you land in Ghana. As such, booking with an official tour agent is your best (and safest) bet.