Hotel Amenities For Kids

Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful. This is especially true for those times when the adults need to rest in the room but the kids are suffering from cabin fever. Fortunately, many hotels offer family friendly services that can meet the needs of everyone in your group. The following are a few amenities to look for.

A toy library

It's impossible to bring everything with you, and your kids can quickly get bored with the limited toys that brought from home. Many hotels now have a toy library or kid closet, which houses games and other play things. Guests can check out items with their room card and play with them for the duration of their stay. Some hotels even have electronic devices, such as tablets or game systems, that kids can check out and bring to the room.

On-site play centers

A hotel doesn't have to be a full resort to cater to kids. Look for a facility that has an indoor or outdoor playground if you know your kids will need to run off energy while you relax nearby. Some hotels also feature actual play rooms, such as small arcades for older kids or a softly-furnished room with small toys for the toddler set. These can be just the thing so the kids can burn the last of their energy before tunring in for the evening.

Family activities

Group activities and classes are appearing in more and more hotels, from the privately owned to the big chains. These can range from activities that are open to all guests, such as scavenger hunts, concerts, or outdoor movies. Others offer classes or supervised events where you can drop off the kids for an hour or two, usually for a small fee. These could be art classes, swimming lessons in the hotel pool, or a similar activity that entertains and provides value for your child.


Sometimes on a vacation, mom and dad want a few hours to themselves, perhaps to catch a show or enjoy a few drinks without the kids. For this reason, many hotels now offer childcare options. These can range from group onsite daycare to in-room babysitters that make sure the little ones are tucked into bed before mom and dad return. These services do usually require a surcharge, but the cost can be well worth it for a break.

Contact a hotel at your destination to see what options they have.