Reasons Why It Pays To Rent A Private Yacht

When most people think of a yacht, they think of a super expensive boat they'll never be able to own. However, the next time you're planning a vacation, it may make sense to look into the options available to rent a private yacht.

Cost Considerations

The first thing that is probably running through your mind when you hear this idea is that it's going to be too expensive. This isn't necessarily the case. Typically, yachts are rented by the week either as all-inclusive or plus-expenses. The rental fees are the same no matter how many people are on the yacht with an all-inclusive rental, which includes the cost of the yacht and the staff to run it, the fuel, the harbor fees plus the bar and three meals each day. Choose a 45- to 65-foot yacht and you can have between six and ten people on board, splitting the cost between them. In some cases, this can result in a per person per night fee that's actually less than you'd pay to stay at a hotel and eat all your meals in restaurants.

Benefits of Vacationing on a Boat

For those who love the water, a boat is a perfect place to spend a vacation. You can easily move between multiple destinations without having to repack and lug around all of your belongings and you have access to any number of different water sports and activities. Everything you need will be on the boat in many cases, even your favorite foods, as you usually fill out a form that states what type of foods you like.

Yacht Rental Versus Cruise Ship Trip

Of course, it's also possible to get an all-inclusive boat trip through going on a cruise ship. However, this may not be as enjoyable of an experience as you'll get if you rent a private yacht. With a cruise ship, there's always crowds, lines and continuous announcements to deal with. You have to work around the ship's schedule instead of being able to play things by ear. With all the people, it's more likely that there will be an issue with food poisoning. Although it's said to be all-inclusive, with a cruise most shore excursions are extra and mainly to very crowded and touristy locations and beverages from the bar, including sodas, are also usually extra. You have a lot more quiet, flexibility and freedom with a yacht rental like Miami Charter Group than with a trip on a cruise ship.