Transylvania: Three Important Things You Should Know About The Land Forever Shrouded In Mystery

Dominated by stories of vampires and ghastly wolves, Transylvania has become the most sought after region in Romania. Many people once believed that Transylvania was only folklore that housed bloodthirsty vampires and demons. It is, however, a real place where normal people call home. Before you embark on your wide eyed journey through this vampire region on a transylvania tour, here are a few facts that you should know.

Dracula Was Real!

Dracula is actually based on Vlad the Impaler, who was born in Transylvania in 1431. His father was part of the Order of Dragons, which was Romania's version of Knights of Templar. In the Romanian language, "dragon" is actually "drac" and is loosely translated to the word "devil". The Romanian word "ula" means "little". So Vlad the Third turned into Vlad Dracula. Vlad earned his nickname by impaling his enemies. It all started one night when Vlad, fearing Wallachia's boyars would challenge him, stabbed them all and impaled their bodies for all to see. Before he died, his impaled body count was over eighty thousand.

Though historically, many view Vlad the Impaler as a sadistic man, he is still hailed as a hero in Transylvania, so it would be wise not to crack any jokes or say anything ill of the man while there.

Vlad Never Lived In Bran Castle

One of the hottest spots to visit in Transylvania is Bran Castle. This is where many people believe Vlad the Impaler spent most of his time. However, Vlad never lived in the castle. Many dispute that he even ever stepped foot in the castle. That isn't a reason not to visit it, though. It is breathtaking and, oddly enough, doesn't have any mirrors.

If you want to visit a place where the real Dracula often visited, take a tour through the Poenari Castle. It's much smaller and more modest than Bran Castle, but it was on of Vlad's main fortresses during the late 1400s.

Vlad Didn't Drink Blood...Probably

One of the biggest legends surrounding Vlad, that which all of vampire lore is based on, is that he drank the blood of his victims. Vlad often put the bodies of his enemies on display for all to see. He would impale them with thick, long stick, just missing all of their vital organs to optimize their suffering. Often times, he would leave them with a visible wound on the neck where he would drain their blood. There is no evidence that he actually drank the blood once it was drained, however.

Transylvania is one of the most romanticized regions in the world. Tourist flock their year round just to catch a glimpse of what all the folklore is about. But before you catch a flight to this memorizing land and take a wrong turn into vampire country, be sure you know a little bit about the place.