What Is A Destination Management Company And Why You Should Use One

Destination management companies (DMCs) come in all sizes, from a small, one-person operation to a large international company. What they have in common is the ability to help plan and execute travel and entertainment activities in their local vicinity. If you have ever taken a group trip to a foreign country and had a uniformed person meet you at the airport holding a sign, or been on a sightseeing tour, you may have been in the presence of a DMC employee. What are they and why should you use one?

Travel and Entertainment Professionals

A destination management company is tourism business that provides groups or individual travelers local expertise and services to help meet their needs. The services a company can provide include transportation to and from the airport or around the city, hotel bookings, restaurant and activities bookings and recommendations, event planning, meetings and even helping with language translation.

Why Not Use a Travel Agency Instead?

A destination management company is not the same as a travel agency or tour operator. A travel agent will provide an all-inclusive package including accommodation and travel to the destination, or procure single tickets on airplanes or railways simply to get you where you are going.

A DMC however, uses existing activities or amenities in the local area and helps you to enjoy them. Destination managers can help plan for events in your destination city as they have vast resources to tap into, or they can take you on sightseeing tours to places only locals know of. While they can help you book hotel reservations – if you are skipping the travel agent, that is not their primary function to provide actual travel to your chosen destination or to provide lodging. This could be done if you are backpacking across Europe for example, and don't have a set destination hotel for the night.

Why Should You Use One?

If you have traveled to a foreign country or even to a city you are unfamiliar with, chances are you might feel a bit overwhelmed. A DMC is very familiar with their local area and are fluent in the language. They have knowledge of local customs, have local resources, and if you are planning a meeting in a far-away city, they know the conference rooms to book and the people to use to set it up.

For those traveling on their own, a DMC can provide safety in avoiding areas deemed not safe. For party goers, destination management company employees will show you a good time at the best nightclubs and restaurants all within the budget you have set. Having a local company help you enjoy your vacation or business meeting takes the stress away and lets you simply enjoy your trip.